First partners meeting back

Minutes of Lingue in Piazza first meeting

6th   December, 2005


The representatives of the partners of the Socrates Lingua 1 project Lingue in Piazza gather in the medialab of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Catania at 9:05. Mr. José González and Ms. Cristina Pérez attend the meeting for the Spanish partner Escuela de Negocios Pau Casals. Mrs. Christa Bleiklom attends the meeting for the Autrian partner Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf. Mr. Mariusz Olêdzki attends the meeting for the Polish partner Wyzsza Szkola Gospodarki Euroregionalnej im. Alcide De Gasperi. Mrs. Sandra Rowley attends the meeting for the British partner York College. Mrs. Emilia Saulescu attends the meeting for the Romanian partner Romanian Society for Life Long Learning. Mr. Osman Nuri Çömez and Mr. Sertaç Keskin attend the meeting for the Turkish partner Giresun Lisesi.

The Dean of the Faculty Professor Nunzio Famoso welcomes all our partners. Then the Head Accountant and the staff of accountancy are introduced to everybody. We read the objectives of our project and the work plan. Some partners consider that it will be difficult for them to do the events in a square on May. So we all decide that each country can chose a different date to do the events between April and June. We all decide to promote all the languages of  the countries involved according to the public interest and try to encourage people to take up a minor language. Ruth Halstead presents the contains that the website should include. She shows some examples of websites. Emilia Saulescu shows us the website of another project and suggests  using a password for each partner for a part of the website that will be used only by partners. We decide to include a forum in our website. We decide to send the interactive lessons contains by e-mail and all the partners will translate it in their own language with a CD recording. Each country page will show the sample of its own language. If a person wants to learn Turkish he clicks the Turkish page and he can find the same page in his own language. The Polish partner suggests  collaborating with embassies to prepare the events in the squares. The Turkish partner suggests to putting up a stand with magazines and newspapers in other languages that can be sold. Sandra Rowley from York College suggests more flexibility in the dates and to make publicity of our events in free magazines. We have a coffee break and at 11:30 we go on with the meeting. All partners decide that the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Catania will pay in advance the hotel for the representatives of the partners. The hotel will do a separate receipt adding the name of the client that represents each partner. The Polish partner will send in March, to all the other partners, the check list of activities to be done in the squares. In the Piazza events we will promote seminars and tasters of languages. We will arrange to promote the next events in autumn with seminars and we will write so in the brochures. The English partner suggests  organizing taster sections of languages inside the seminars that we will run in autumn. There will be 1 or 2 taster sessions of 1 or 2 hours for each language partners want to promote. Probable contents:

·          a taster of the language and culture.

·          Information about independent learning of that language.

These seminars will be held in autumn 2006 so that people can enrol on courses if they wish. We will provide indications of the seminars in Lingue in Piazza activities. The Austrian partner suggests  doing the internal evaluation through the reports of each partner. The Spanish partner suggests  preparing a model for each partner to make the financial intermediate report. England and Romania will work together to prepare the dissemination in an international conference. Our Faculty suggests several designs for the logo of the project. We choose the round one. We go on with the meeting at 15:35. All the partners will have to send us the swift code of their bank. Each partner will send us a financial report every  3 or 4 months with legal photocopies of all the receipts and bills. We have decided to make a break-down of the direct costs. We approve the subdivision of the budget and we will enclose this for the partners’ agreement. Then the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Catania will send  each partner the break-down of each cost with the agreement. The meeting ends at 17:00. All the partners are guided round the ex-Monastery of the Benedictines.


7th December, 2005    


All the partners start the meeting at 9:30. Sandra Boeme reads the minute of the previous day’s meeting. Everybody agrees with it. Ruth Halstead starts clarifying the subdivision of direct costs. We discuss the fact that the partners won’t be able to do the TV ad and they want to change the way of  advertising but before they have to ask the co-ordinator for permission by fax or with a letter by post. They can’t change anything before they receive the coordinator’s permission. The Spanish partner needs money to design the poster so they will use the money of the translation to design the brochure. Ruth Halstead explains that all partners will receive 40% of the grant  now and they will have to pay in advance for many things before we receive the second pre-financial payment. The Romanian and Austrian partners says that they can’t decide about costs because they are not competent and that they need an accountant so it will be better to prepare a break-down of costs with the accountant and send it to them. Emilia Saulescu says that the brochure must contain: the name of the project, the logo, the aim of the project, and the target group. We agree that the brochure must contain a flyer inside with the address of the places where they can access to language learning material and courses. Each partner will do these flyers. The Romanian partner will send us the brochure model in English by the beginning of April. The coordinator will send the email addresses of everybody to all the partners. The poster will contain: the project name, and logo, the name of the partner institutions with their logo, address and date in which they will do the events in the square, a list of activities that will be run in the square, the European flag and Socrates logo. The questionnaire will not be long. It should include a question about the events in the square. It should be a multiple choice type of questionnaire. York will do the square events in July and send its report to Austria later on. Poland will send a check list to everybody to monitor the square events. The meeting ends at 12:15 and all the partners are guided around the library of the ex- Monastery.



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